‘Glee’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Britney 2.0′ Preview: Cassandra’s Past, Marley and Jake?

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Glee season 4 continues next week with episode 2, “Britney 2.0,” which will be the second episode filled with Britney Spears’ music on the show. How will it measure up to the first?

Season 4 Episode 2 “Britney 2.0″ Promo

Brittany S. Pierce is in a funk and turns to her icon Britney Spears’ music for inspiration! Meanwhile, Rachel struggles to adjust to life in New York, but is helped by her newfound NYADA friend, Brody Weston.”

"Britney 2.0" Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOXThe first episode of the season, “The New Rachel,” introduced a few new characters who will be further explored in this next episode. Jake may not have joined New Directions in the premiere, but he was certainly interested as he watched the “Chasing Pavements” performance—and it looked like the music wasn’t all he had his eye on. It looks like that’s going to continue next week.

The Glee season 4 episode 2 promo for “Britney 2.0″ (below) shows more problems from Cassandra for Rachel, and this time she’s telling her, “You don’t have enough sex appeal.” It doesn’t look like her Britney performance is going to change her mind, based on Cassandra’s reaction in another promo, calling it horrible. At least things should be going better for Rachel with Kurt now in New York—and Kurt has certainly heard of Cassandra: “Cassie July is your dance teacher? AKA Crazy July AKA the biggest train wreck in Broadway history?”

Meanwhile at McKinley, they’re in full-Britney swing. Brittany will be performing “Hold It Against Me” with the Cheerios; will she be in a better mood after her songs this week? Finally, there’s a possible new couple developing with Marley and Jake. She tells him, “You drive me crazy,” continuing with the Britney theme, and his response is just what you’d expect already from what they’ve shown of him in the premiere: “I know I do.”

What do you think of the Glee season 4 episode 2 preview of “Britney 2.0″?

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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