‘Glee’ Season 4 Episode 5 Preview: Will’s Announcement, ‘Grease’ Performance

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Glee season 4 continues on November 8 with “The Role You Were Born to Play,” and that episode along with November 15’s “Glease,” will show McKinley getting ready for its production of Grease.

Season 4 Episode 5 “The Role You Were Born to Play” Promo

Photo Credit: Kwaku Alston/FOX.So Finn’s back at McKinley for now, and he’ll be directing the musical this year, but how successful will he be? This could mean big things for his future, as he’s still not sure what he wants to do with his life. He’ll also be coaching New Directions, which is no surprise, but will he discover this is something he wants to do?

There’s a new promo out for Glee season 4, showing scenes from episodes 5 and 6, and everyone’s getting in on the Grease action, including those who graduated and are returning during these episodes. That means there will be some moments between the couples reuniting since “The Break Up,” including Brittany and Santana (Brittany tells her “I miss you), Kurt and Blaine, and Finn and Rachel. What will this mean for their futures?

Meanwhile, the promo also shows the moment that you’ve known was coming: Will saying, “I’m leaving McKinley at the end of the week.” What will this mean for him and Emma? Things were unsettled between them on the matter before the current break, and she wasn’t willing to just leave her job behind for a few months. Will they be trying what broke apart a few couples already this season: long distance?

Finally, there’s a quick look at Brody and Cassie dancing, and that does seem to tease that, as expected, there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye. But what exactly is going on between them? Is there going to be a twist about their past, or is it as some suspect and something romantic?

What do you think of the latest Glee season 4 preview?

Photo Credit: Kwaku Alston/FOX

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