‘Glee’ Season 4 Premiere Spoilers and Title: What’s Coming up for Rachel?

Glee is going to be doing something different for its fourth season when it premieres on September 13. It will be splitting time between Ohio and New York, and the title of the first episode reflects just what may be in store for Rachel at NYADA.

Season 4 Premiere Title and Spoilers

According to TVLine, the first episode of the fourth season is “The New Rachel.” Considering the third season ended with Rachel in New York and on the path to NYADA after getting accepted, it makes sense that the first episode is going to focus on what comes next for her. Rachel will be at NYADA, where she’s “starting fresh,” according to executive producer Brad Falchuk, and she’ll also be dealing with Kate Hudson, who uses “negative reinforcement” as part of her teaching. Rachel is going to be by herself at NYADA since Kurt did not get in and facing that alone, on top of facing New York without Finn like she had thought since he left her at the train station and revealed that he will be joining the Army. How will Rachel handle New York in Glee season 4?

Gather.com caught up with Lea Michele in the press room at Comic-Con to find out what’s coming up for Rachel, and she previewed that Rachel is going to be facing “a school full of 800 other Rachel Berrys,” but she “works best when she has to fight her way to the top.” That’s just what Rachel is going to have to do in the fall. Check out the video below to see what else Michele had to say about Rachel at NYADA.

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