‘Glee’ Season 4 Preview: Finn, Sarah Jessica Parker, and ‘Britney 2.0′

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Glee season 4 premieres this week with episode 1, “The New Rachel,” which will see what it’s like for Rachel in New York and the New Directions back at McKinley. New characters are coming in, along with some impressive guest stars, and the latest preview out teases that and more.

Season 4 Promo

"Britney 2.0" Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOXThere are going to be some changes this season, but some things will remain the same—such as slushies, performances, and Mike O’Malley showing up and making you want to see more Burt. Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker are two of the big new characters who will be part of the New York storyline, and while there have been a few video looks at the NYADA dance instructor, this latest promo shows a quick glimpse of Parker’s Isabelle Klempt.

The new Glee season 4 promo (below) offers a look at some upcoming performances, including ones from the premiere (such as Blaine’s “It’s Time,” the “Call Me Maybe” competition), ones from “Britney 2.0,” the second episode of the season, and one from episode 3, “Makeover.” This preview also gives a look at the auditions for New Directions, and just as you’d expect, it’s going to be a mixture of the good (Marley, Jake) and the bad (Kurt’s “Next!” says it all). The new members of New Directions will be welcomed with slushies; did you expect anything different?

This preview also offers a look at Rachel and Brody walking through the city, followed by Finn walking into a room and looking surprised by what he sees. Could he have walked in on Rachel with Brody? Also coming up in New York is Sarah Jessica Parker as Isabelle, and this preview shows her coming up behind Kurt and Rachel with “Freeze!” She has a security guard with her. Is this going to be how Kurt meets Isabelle?

Finally, there’s a look at Rachel’s Britney Spears’ performance, and if she thought that would be what wins Cassandra over, she’s wrong. In fact, Cassandra kicks her out of her class after. Ouch. Will Brody comfort Rachel after that?

What do you think of the latest Glee season 4 preview?

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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