‘Glee’ Season 4 Preview: Who Stays, Who Goes, Will and Emma’s Wedding, Sue’s Baby

Glee season 3 ended with Rachel leaving Lima, Ohio behind for New York, but there are still many unanswered questions after the finale, “Goodbye.” What’s coming up next?

Season 4 Promo

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOXYes, Rachel knows where she’s going to be next year, and yes, you know that some of the students will still be around since they are juniors (or failed, like Brittany). However, the future is still uncertain for pretty much everyone, including Rachel, since anything can happen in New York. There are some things that do seem certain to happen next season, and the newest preview out teases those and more.

Fox has released a Glee season 4 promo (below) teasing fans that goes through the questions left after the season 3 finale. There is “more in store” after graduation. There are the juniors who are staying behind, including Tina and Blaine, who are seen cheering on the seniors at graduation in the promo. They do seem to be locked in to be the female and male lead of New Directions next season since Rachel and Finn graduated. Will that mean more solos for Tina? Fans can only hope.

This new preview also lists those questions still remaining: Who stays? Who goes? Where’s the wedding? Is Sue ever going to have that baby? Well, one thing is certain for Will and Emma’s wedding: it’s not going to be on a campground. Emma would never have it. It does seem likely that there will be a wedding in season 4, but will everyone return for it? Will had asked Finn to be his best man. However, Finn did reveal he’s planning to join the army in the season 3 finale. Will those plans get in his way of being Will’s best man?

Then there’s Sue’s baby. As the promo reminds you, she had mentioned a People exclusive for September, so will she have already had the baby when the series begins its fourth season? That’s one way for the show to do it, but there are still going to be that question of the baby’s father. How long will it take them to answer that?

What do you think of the Glee season 4 preview? What are you hoping to see in the fall?

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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