‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Brittany and Santana’s Relationship, Santana’s Future

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Glee‘s third season saw a few of the New Directions graduate, and one of them was Santana. She’s going to be one of the characters in a long distance relationship when the season begins; will that last?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/FOXAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Naya Rivera has said, “At the start of the season, they’re definitely still together—she’s at the high school dealing with all the new people and Santana is at Louisville dealing with her new schedule there.” Santana is going to be “focusing on cheerleading,” but that won’t necessarily be enough to keep her from missing those she left behind and perhaps questioning if Louisville was the right choice. She had been considering going to New York, and Rivera has teased that’s “definitely a possibility” at some point. Will Santana end up in New York with Rachel and Kurt? It wouldn’t be surprising if she did since they did plant the seed at the end of season 3. It seems they brought that up for a reason, and even though she’ll be starting the season off in Louisville, she could very well end it in New York.

Meanwhile, her girlfriend is going to still be in McKinley after failing her senior year. It’s not going to be easy for Brittany. She’ll be without Santana and be dealing with Kitty, “who’s out [for her position] as head cheerleader.” Could Brittany having a hard time at McKinley affect her relationship with Santana? Will the distance get to them? Will Brittany and Santana even last in Glee season 4? According to Rivera, “It’s definitely a struggle, as is any long distance relationship and they will be dealing with that new challenge. I know she misses her and she definitely makes time to visit Brittany. I do hope that they’re in it for the long-run, but as with any long-distance relationship, it has its challenges—especially when you’re still in high school.”

Could they be one of the couples that break up in the ominously titled “The Break Up”? Anything is possible, and even if Santana does end up in New York, they will still be in a long distance relationship. Hopefully they last after what it took to get them where they are what they’ve been through, but it’s not going to be an easy year for them.

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Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/FOX

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