‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Chris Colfer Teases What is Next for Kurt

Glee has ended for another season, and now it is time to look ahead to what will happen on season four of the series. Kurt has had his dreams dashed when he did not make it into NYADA, but Chris Colfer isn’t counting things out for his character. He will be in New York City somehow next season.

Colfer teased what is ahead for Kurt in the season to come, and Kurt definitely has some cool things lined up. Sarah Jessica Parker is set to appear as his mentor after all. Who wouldn’t want Carrie Bradshaw as their mentor? Wet Paint teased the following about Kurt’s future:

“Though he only knows ‘a light sprinkling of what they’re planning,’ he does seem to be under the impression that Kurt will be in NYC. Chris calls the plans for Kurt in Season 4 ‘pretty cool,’ and adds that Kurt is a ‘a really really powerful character and I’m really interested to see where he goes.'”

Fans are interested to see where he goes too, especially when it comes to his relationship with Blaine. Kurt has become one of the more popular characters on Glee, and that is because he is a powerful character. The relationship with Blaine only added to that power.

Anything is possible in the upcoming season as Ryan Murphy will have to contend with two very different locations – McKinley High and New York City. Fans have a long summer to wait for the series to return. Are you ready to see what will happen next to Kurt?

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