‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Kate Hudson’s Character, Life at McKinley, Kurt’s Future

Glee is back on Fox this fall for its fourth season, and the cast and producers were at Comic-Con to preview what’s next. Gather.com was in the press room to find out what to expect in the fall with Rachel in New York, things changing at McKinley High and in the choir room, and after Kurt’s rejection from NYADA.

Season 4 Spoilers for Comic-Con

Brad Falchuk in the 2012 Comic-Con Glee press room. ©Meredith JacobsIn the video below, executive producer Brad Falchuk talks about how they’ll work out filming in Los Angeles and in New York over the upcoming season and teases that while “Sarah Jessica [Parker] doesn’t start until a couple of episodes later” than Kate Hudson, Hudson is “certainly very heavy in the first couple episodes” and her character is “really fun.” Hudson’s character is an instructor Rachel will be encountering at NYADA, which is going to put her in a place filled with other Rachel Berrys. It’s not going to be so easy for her, and this instructor will be one reason why.

Falchuk goes on to say that the series has “always been about firsts,” and that’s going to continue to be true, only this time showing that in terms of college and life after graduation: “What’s it like your first week of college?…What’s your first roommate like?” What’s it like for Kurt, who didn’t get in? They’re going to use these firsts to challenge the characters.

While some students have moved on, others are still at McKinley, which Falchuk describes as “similar in that we have the choir room, we’ve got Will teaching the choir, we have Sue there…most of the juniors will be back, the regulars, Chord’ll be in there, and Heather and Jenna and Kevin, and we’ll repopulate that choir room a little bit,” only not as fast as they did in the beginning. They’re going to take the chance to explore these characters and slowly build the club up. Part of that will be establishing the new leaders since Rachel and Finn have graduated, and Falchuk does tease “that’s very much what the first episode is about. You have these characters that have, for a long time, been saying, ‘it should be me, it should be me, it should be me.’ …It’s a challenge to see who can really step into that spot and the competition that rises from it.”

Finally, there’s the matter of Kurt, who didn’t get into NYADA at the end of season 3. He is going to find his way to New York in Glee season 4, and Falchuk explains, “Kurt didn’t get into NYADA because that’s what happens. …He’s going to have to re-find a dream and re-build that idea of what it’s going to be for himself. If anybody can do it, it’s Kurt.”

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