‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Kurt after the NYADA Rejection, Kurt and Blaine’s Future

Glee season 3 ended with the shocker that Kurt did not get into NYADA. After his audition, it had seemed likely that he would be accepted, but he was rejected, leaving his future uncertain. What’s coming up for him?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOXChris Colfer talked to TVLine about what’s coming up, and he sees Kurt as “back full-force” in season 4. So far, it has only been confirmed that Lea Michele will be in every episode, but it’s likely that Colfer could be back in at least a majority of them. He went on to say, “We’ll see if he still wants to be a performer. I don’t know if he’s hardened after that [NYADA] experience.” Casting news had revealed that Sarah Jessica Parker will be playing his mentor, but his mentor in what exactly has yet to be determined. Would revealing that give away what he’s up to in the fall? Will that be revealed before the Glee season 4 premiere? It seems likely that he’ll find his way to New York somehow and at some point.

Kurt and Blaine had already talked about a long-distance relationship and were prepared for just that. Now, it’s uncertain if they’ll need to face that. Colfer did say, “I almost can’t say anything without giving [something] away. They’re still together as far as I know. So we’ll see where that takes them.” Could what he doesn’t want to give away be related to where Kurt is in the fall? For now, it at least sounds like Klaine fans don’t have much to be worried about. But that could always change as the season progresses, especially once they show what Kurt’s up to and where he is.

What do you want to see happen in Glee season 4 for Kurt’s future and Kurt and Blaine?

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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