‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: More About Marley

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Glee season 4 may currently be on hiatus until November, but there are some new spoilers out about what to expect from an upcoming episode for one of the new characters.

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOXAccording to E! Online, there’s going to be “a flashback to Marley’s childhood (think 7 or 8 years old).” Marley is one of the new members of New Directions, and so far, the series has given a look at her relationship with her mother in the premiere, and she continues to defend her when others make fun of her. Will this upcoming flashback feature some more scenes between Marley and her mother? Whatever the flashback shows, it sounds like something to look forward to if you want to see more about Marley and it will probably provide some insight into who she is in the present.

You also have to wonder how this flashback comes about in Glee season 4. Could Marley be talking to Jake about her childhood? Could it be part of an assignment for New Directions and as she sings, Marley remembers her childhood? Speaking of Jake, what will be going on between Marley and him by this time? With Jake and Kitty now broken up, they are setting up for a possible Jake and Marley relationship, though there is the character of Ryder (Blake Jenner) coming in.

What do you think of the latest Glee season 4 spoilers?

Photo Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX

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