‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Naya Rivera Dishes on Santana

Glee fans have a long summer wait for the return of this series with season four. The work on the scripts for the series by Ryan Murphy has just begun, but the cast has some definite ideas about where they want their characters to go next season. One of those cast members is Naya Rivera. She is the actress behind Santana, and her character was one of the graduating seniors.

Naya has some ideas for Santana that she plans to introduce to those that write the series. She is looking to up the comedy and go for the stereotypes that would plague a Latina actress trying to start out in the business. In this video from Perez Hilton, she talks about how she wants Santana to deal with the telenovelas and Spanish commercials. She also mentions the fact she wants Santana to travel around a lot while she looks for work.

One thing she doesn’t make any mention of at all is Santana’s future with Brittany, who is played by Heather Morris. Will the two remain a couple in the fourth season? The prospects of that definitely look positive, but distance and time apart could definitely cause some issues for the pair. Kurt and Blaine, played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, will have to deal with the same thing as well.

Season four of Glee is setting up to be a big season with a lot of changes for everyone. Are you ready to see what will happen next to Santana?

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