‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel and Finn, Rachel and Brody

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Glee season 4 is going to see Rachel in New York at NYADA, where she’ll be meeting new people, while Finn is, well, no one knows for certain. Is the new guy interested in Rachel be a real threat?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOXAccording to E! Online, Lea Michele has teased that the new season will have “more sexiness” with it on an hour later on Thursdays now: “It does feel like the show has grown up a bit, and Rachel has grown up a bit…She’s getting made over.” Rachel has moved to New York and left Ohio behind, and in order to fit in at NYADA and do well where there are plenty of people just like Rachel, as Michele told Gather.com at Comic-Con (press room video interview below), that may be just what Rachel needs to do, especially when it comes to her dance class.

Part of that sexiness is going to come in Glee season 4 episode 2, “Britney 2.0″ in a scene that features Brody, Rachel’s new love interest, and Cassandra, her NYADA dance instructor. Rachel will be in a “super-steamy number” that includes “some surprisingly provocative (he just put his hand where?!) moves with Brody,” but Michele explained, “Rachel asks him to help her with this number and that’s kind of it for now.” It does all pretty much seem to be one-sided interest, but will that stay true if they continue to work on sexy numbers together?

Then there’s the matter of Finn. Rachel hasn’t forgotten him, and according to Michele, “Rachel, in the first few episodes, is really always thinking about Finn. She is all about Finn. That’s where her head is at. And this guy Brody just kind of keeps sort of popping up a little bit. He’s interested, so we’ll see where it goes.” There have been teases about episode 4, “The Break-Up,” and what that will mean for Rachel and Finn. The title is ominous, but there are other couples it could be referring to. Could Finn show up in New York and meet Brody, leaving him to wonder if he should stay away, or will he perhaps decide to stay with her? What it comes down to is that Rachel and Finn will have to make a decision about their future. With Rachel “all about Finn” and given their history, it doesn’t seem likely Brody will stand a chance. But could he find a way to win her over?

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Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

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