‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Rachel’s Love Life and Roommate, Finn’s Location, Kurt

Glee returns to Fox this fall on September 13 for its fourth season, and time will be split between Lima, Ohio and New York as the series continues to follow Rachel after graduation while still showing what’s next for those still at McKinley.

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: FOXAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Rachel is going to be busy at NYADA—so busy, she may not even have time to think about Finn. It had been revealed that Dean Geyer is coming in as Brody, a new love interest for her, and she’s going to first bump into him “in the co-ed bathroom of her dorm.” Michele has said, “He’s definitely interested in her but I think that she is very hesitant because she doesn’t really know where things stand with Finn; she doesn’t want to make any moves before she knows where they stand and Brody’s not going to give up,” and describes Brody as “a cross between Jesse St. James and Finn.” This should be a fun character and it sounds like he’s the perfect guy to perhaps sway her into a new relationship, even though that was far from the end for Rachel and Finn. (Check out what Lea Michele and Cory Monteith had to say about their characters’ relationship at Comic-con here.)

Brody isn’t the only one Rachel will have to deal with at NYADA. She’ll also have a roommate who from the start seems like she could be a nightmare to live with, as Michele explains, “You see Rachel for the first time in her bed, covering her ears from the sex noises that her roommate is making and you never see the roommate — as of now — you can just hear her.” Bad roommate habits aside, Rachel’s roommate could end up being someone who can help her deal with being at NYADA and perhaps her feelings for Finn and Brody since, for now, she is alone in New York. She doesn’t have anyone who knows her or her past with her.

That will change since Kurt is going to end up in New York and with Sarah Jessica Parker as his mentor, but Chris Colfer has revealed that Kurt will “be in Ohio first and eventually get to New York but I don’t know he’s going to do it.” Kurt may not have gotten into NYADA, but that just means he’s going to need to come up with a new dream, and that new dream will still bring him to New York. That means things are up in the air Kurt and Blaine’s future, and even though they did plan for a long distance relationship in the season 3 finale, that could all change when Kurt leaves Ohio behind in Glee season 4. However, once he gets to New York, perhaps he can help Rachel sort out her life.

Speaking of Rachel, there is of course Finn, who, instead of bringing Rachel to their wedding, brought her to the train station in the finale last spring. He revealed he was joining the Army, but what does that mean for him in season 4? No one’s really saying, and all executive producer Ian Brennan revealed is, “We start up and no one has heard from Finn, no one really knows where he is; he’s gone off to the Army and that’s all we know. Rachel is sort of forced with the question, ‘Do I move on or don’t I?'” That could be something that factors into Rachel’s decision concerning Brody.

Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Will is going to be dealing with the fact that “Glee is now the coolest club at school so everyone is auditioning and it’s hard for me to find people who are actually passionate about performing,” according to Morrison. One of the students who will be auditioning is Jake, Puck’s younger half-brother. He does have “an attitude that may hinder his efforts with New Directions,” but that’s not all there is to the character, as Brennan has called him “vastly different from any character we’ve had on the show in a really interesting and surprising way.” Will Jake end up being one of the stronger members of New Directions despite his attitude? Will he bring something to the table to make him stand out and make Will give him a chance despite that attitude?

Finally, there’s the matter of Will and Emma’s wedding, which Morrison says is “in the cards” for this season. That could bring everyone back and be a mini-reunion. But with the news that no one’s heard from Finn, will he make it back? Could that be what does bring him back into the picture? Will and Emma were one of the couples in a good place—and planning to be in the same place for the fall—when season 3 ended, and after all this time, a wedding is the only thing that could come next. While planning it may be a bit of a hassle, it will be nice to see something that is staying the same (Will and Emma’s relationship) with everything else that is changing.

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