‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Santana’s Future, New York, and Artie ‘Stepping Up’

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Glee season 4 is going to show time split between Ohio and New York; and while it’s already known that Rachel and Kurt will be in New York, it’s possible another character could be joining them. Where will Santana be in the fall?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: FOXAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Naya Rivera has said she’s “a big part” of the upcoming season while Kevin McHale has said he’s in “quite a bit” of it. Artie is one of the characters still at McKinley High, and with last year’s seniors gone, it’s (hopefully) likely that viewers will be treated to more solos from him.

Rivera and Lea Michele both want to see Santana join Rachel in New York, and Rivera did say, “If Santana goes to New York she absolutely would have a relationship with Rachel and they’d either be friends, enemies or frenemies — or all three.” Santana was seriously thinking about heading to New York at the end of last season, but anything is possible when Glee season 4 begins. They could always have Santana start off some place else and then join Rachel in New York later on. That would be one relationship that would be fun to see explored, even if it is just as enemies or however things are between them after graduation. Rivera does see her character running into “rivals” in the city if she ends up there since that’s just who the character is, and it could be really entertaining to see how Santana adapts to living in NYC.

But what will season 4 mean for Brittany and Santana? That’s still unclear, but it is likely they’ll be facing a long-distance relationship. Will they be able to keep it going, or could this be the beginning of the end for them? Brittany’s still at McKinley after failing her senior year, and Rivera has said, “Obviously she’s not in high school anymore so there is separation there. … I think that Brittany will always be Santana’s first love. Whether or not they end up together, she’ll always have a special place in her heart for Brittany. I don’t think that they will ever not be in each other’s lives.” The question does remain about just how much time they’ll have on screen together in season 4. With the two (likely) in separate states, that’s going to be drastically reduced. Brittany is still going to have to figure out her future (assuming she does better her second time with senior year), and Santana is going to be figuring out her own future after graduation, even if she does settle on New York. Their paths could take them to different places, and it is possible they end up separating even for a short time while they do that.

Finally, there’s the matter of New Directions after losing the seniors to graduation, and McHale said, “There’s definitely going to be a lot of people missing. … Artie is one of the few seniors and I think he, Blaine [Darren Criss], Tina [Jenna Ushkowitz] and Brittany [Heather Morris] will have some stepping up to do to lead the new team. I’m excited to see him strive to be a leader.” This could give some characters the chance to shine who haven’t had that shot in the past (like Tina and Artie). There are going to be some new characters coming to the show, and it’s going to be up to those who have been around to set the stage for the rest.

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