‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Three New Series Regulars

Glee season 4 is going to be splitting time between McKinley and New York, and while the characters you love will be back in one way or another, it’s still uncertain who will be back full-time and who won’t be. There is some new character news.

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: FOXSeason 3 ended with Rachel leaving everyone behind for New York after she got into NYADA. Kurt didn’t, but considering casting news for next season includes Sarah Jessica Parker playing his mentor, it seems like he may very well get to New York somehow, unless they plan on having him hang around Lima, Ohio, doing something there. (The former seems much more likely.) But what is certain?

Michael Ausiello of TVLine sent out two tweets Monday night about Glee season 4: “Twitter Scoop: GLEE adding three new series regulars next season, including Puck’s younger, guitar-playing brother,” and about the other two, “New characters, one female h.s. student, another male in 20s.” It sounds like this new female high school student could very well end up joining New Directions, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the same is true for Puck’s younger brother (but where did he come from?).

While season 3 did end with everyone seeing Rachel off at the train station (even though she was just going to look at dorms and would presumably be back since it was so soon after graduation), not every senior’s future was certain. Could the male character in his 20s be someone in New York with Rachel (and likely Kurt)?

What do you think of the new Glee season 4 spoilers and characters?

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