‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will and Emma at Home, Jake and Puck’s Tense Confrontation

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Glee is back, and the first episode already has introduced some of the new characters, but some familiar faces were missing. While Emma wasn’t around, she’ll be back, as will Puck, whose half-brother made his first appearance in “The New Rachel.”

Season 4 Spoilers

"Makeover" Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOXAccording to Entertainment Weekly, Matthew Morrison has revealed that they’ll be showing what it’s like for Will and Emma at home: “We have never seen them actually living together, and now they’re living together this season, cohabitating under one roof. It should be interesting. It’s not as easy as I think he thought it was going to be!” They may love each other, but they are very different, and that could lead to some problems. While they are now living together, they’ll also be planning their wedding, and that means any disagreements about their upcoming nuptials could lead to some tension at home. Last season already saw disagreements about the wedding, such as its location. It’s not going to be so easy for them to agree on a place if it continues like that in season 4. Could any differences in opinion over living together or wedding plans lead to problems in their relationship?

Also coming up in Glee season 4 is the first meeting for Puck and his half-brother Jake, and Jacob Artist has teased, “It’s definitely kind of shocking for them both initially. Puck has never met [my character], and I’ve never met Puck. Obviously, the confrontation — there’s a lot of tension going on…it’s definitely a touchy moment for the both of them. [The outcome] definitely affects them.” The season 4 premiere did address the fact that Puck never mentioned a brother, something that had led fans to wonder about Jake when the character was first mentioned before the season began. It’s one thing to know you have a half-brother out there like Jake does; it’s another to meet him for the first time and it’s another thing to suddenly find out about him like Puck is going to. They definitely both have the same attitude, but will joining New Directions be something good for Jake like it was for Puck? What will bring Puck back? Will he just be in town to visit, or could Will try to intervene now that he knows? What will this mean after the initial meeting? Will Puck be a more permanent presence in his brother’s life as the season progresses? Whatever happens, seeing Jake and Puck meeting is bound to be good.

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Photo Credit: Beth Dubber/FOX

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