‘Glee’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will Finn Be in New York or Ohio?

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Glee‘s fourth season has already begun airing, and while Finn wasn’t in the first episode, he will be back. A preview has already shown a glimpse at him, but where will he be when he shows up—Lima or New York?

Season 4 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/FOXWhile there isn’t really a question about Finn turning up in New York at some point for Rachel when he comes back into the picture on the show, you do have to wonder if he’ll be staying there or staying in Lima. Chord Overstreet told TVGuide.com, “There’s some fun stuff with me and Cory that’s coming up.” But will that be because Finn’s going to be in Lima for good, or could that just be on a visit? The characters who graduated will be returning to Lima for holidays and breaks, after all. It is possible that Finn’s just going to be in scenes with Sam then, but considering the future seems grim for Finn and Rachel, he may not be in New York for too long.

Glee season 4 is going to see what Finn is like after he revealed in the season 3 finale that he was joining the army. That was when he left Rachel to board a train to New York, and while she remained adamant in the first episode of the season that she loves him, there is now Brody in the picture. Could Finn return to Rachel only to see that there’s someone else in her new world and then head to Lima? If so, you have to wonder what he’d be doing there. Will he help out with the New Directions? With Rachel adjusting to a new life in New York, it could be interesting to see what’s next for Finn after the army and perhaps without Rachel.

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Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/FOX

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