‘Glee’ Spoilers: Details of Cut Kurt-Blaine Christmas Scene Revealed

Glee has wrapped for another season, and this will be able to pick up the season three DVD in the fall. On that DVD will be some deleted scenes. One of those deleted scenes will be a scene from the Christmas episode between Kurt and Blaine, played by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss that never aired. Fans are getting the inside scoop on that scene now long before the DVD comes out.

The script for the episode was put up to bid for an auction to help benefit Project Angel Food, and the winning bid came in at $4,200. However, according to MJ’s Big Blog, the fans are still raising money for the charity. The donation is now over $13,000. After winning the auction, the fans decided to share the script with others, and one of the cut scenes from the episode is the gift giving scene between Kurt and Blaine. The pages of the script can be seen at the above link.

Kurt and Blaine have had their issues in season three of Glee, but this scene reads beyond adorable. It was cut from the episode due to time, but it will be nice for fans to see it once the DVD is released. Season four will have more trouble for Kurt and Blaine as well as the pair will have to adjust to a long distance relationship. Kurt is not letting a rejection stop his dreams of being a star in New York City.

What do you think of this scene? Are you surprised it hit the cutting room floor?

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