‘Glee’ Spoilers: Lea Michele Teases Rachel’s Future in Season 4

Glee is going to be an entirely different series when it returns this fall. Not only will fans see what new drama develops at McKinley High, but the seniors that just graduated will still be kept in the mix as they head off to New York City. That means fans will see more out of Rachel Berry, who is played by Lea Michele.

The actress spoke about season four and what is to come for the series. It is going to be a big change, but Michele is ready for the challenges to come for her character. She said the following, according to Wet Paint:

“It definitely felt like, you know, the proper next step. We’ve been working on the show now since 2008, so to get to take these characters to new locations and to be exploring some new material, a little bit more mature and older stuff, I think it’s very interesting as an actor. To get to take a character on a TV show from one location and now welcome her to something new is very rare to see on TV.”

‘More mature and older stuff’ does sound like the natural progression for her character. With Finn and Rachel’s future up in the air at the moment, could she meet someone new in New York City? Could Glee possibly set up a love triangle? The series isn’t afraid to do that, and it will add another layer to the character and her future.

Anything is possible in season four, but fans still have to wait through the summer to find out what will happen next. Are you looking forward to seeing how Rachel handles the challenges ahead for her?

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