‘Glee’ spoilers: Puck Sports a Red Mohawk

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Glee season 4 is off to a great start, and today even more spoilers are out. Pictures have hit the internet of Puck, and he is sporting a red mohawk plus he has on superhero clothes. What on earth is he up to now? Did L.A. really change him that much already?

According to Wet Paint spoilers, Puck is still living in L.A. and enjoying life, but cleaning pools did not work out to be the perfect job. He needs an income, so that is where the superhero costume comes into play.

Puck found a job in L.A. working with tourists. He wears the costume plus has a great looking red mohawk so that he can look the part for his pictures. Tourists pay to get their picture taken with this superhero. He would be embarrassed if everyone found out what job he has taken on now.

He made up a superhero on his own and is not dressed as one that already exists. His costume shows a “P” on his chest, but it is unknown what name he came up with for himself. What do you think it will end up being?

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