‘Glee’ Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Teases the End for Lea Michele

Glee just wrapped its third season, but Ryan Murphy is looking towards season four and beyond when it comes to Lea Michele and her character Rachel Berry. The man behind the series talked about his season four plans and the end game for the series recently. No need to worry. The end game doesn’t seem to be about to happen anytime soon. Rachel’s journey is a long one it seems.

On the season finale, Rachel graduated from McKinley, and now she will attend NYADA. Murphy does have a goal of possible stardom for this young girl from Ohio. He said the following, according to NME:

“Even though Glee is sometimes a hard road, I am very excited about writing a multi-year arc. For example, Rachel Berry, meeting her as you did, hopefully by the end of her journey she will be a star. That’s a very long, long period. I know where she’ll end up. I know what the last scene will be.”

As for his immediate plans, Murphy plans to make season four the season of the underdog. There has been some success for the Glee club, but with their seniors gone—it will be back to square one. They will have to build their success all over again. He said the following:

“I will say the story for season four gets back to the underdog status [for the characters]. And that will appease people, maybe. Sometimes I feel that you can’t win. It’s just a volatile group of people that watch it, and for that, I like their passion.”

Fans are passionate about this series. There is no doubt about that. What do you think? Are you ready to see more struggle in season four?

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