‘Glee’ Spoilers: What is Finn and Rachel’s future?

Glee is set to air its season finale tomorrow night, and fans might need to prepare for a big shocker. Things might end up breaking apart for at least one couple on this Fox series. Finn and Rachel have had their ups and downs this season, but could this be the end of the road for the pair?

Wet Paint had the latest scoop on the pair, and the news is not good. These two could definitely see a break-up coming up in the season finale tomorrow night. The site and Lea Michele teased the following:

“There’s a very big cliffhanger for us,” Lea Michele teases. Rachel appears to be heading off for NYC as soon as graduation is over, but all signs point to Finn — wait for it — NOT going with her. So is Finchel breaking up for good? Well, the leaked spoiler video of Finn chasing after Rachel’s train as it pulls away from the station doesn’t exactly look promising.

Now, this might not mean the end forever. Things can always change when the series returns in the fall. A cliffhanger here actually makes sense. The seniors are graduating, and this is the start of new lives for them. Figuring out their futures is definitely a part of it.

Finn and Rachel might be able to work through this latest obstacle in their relationship. Only time and season four of Glee will tell. What do you think? Will these two break-up during the season finale?

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