‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Headed to ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake?

Glee is on hiatus, and this does open up the cast to other projects. One upcoming film release is the remake of the 1987 classic film, Dirty Dancing. A delay in release has pushed back the film to 2014, but it sounds like the cast may feature Lea Michele. Yes, the young actress might take on the star of Baby Houseman. Jennifer Grey played the character in the original film, which also starred a then relatively unknown Patrick Swayze.

According to Broadway World, Lea Michele is one of the few that has already screen tested for the Kenny Ortega remake. Others mentioned include Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars and Luke Grimes from Brothers and Sisters. A casting issue has caused the delay until 2014.

Does this mean they are still looking for a cast? Or does it mean they know who they want to cast in the film and scheduling is an issue. It is hard to tell in this day and age with Hollywood. Lea Michele’s plate is fairly filled with her role on Glee. Ryan Murphy already made it clear that Lea will still be seen in all the episodes set for next season.

With that kind of schedule, it could be difficult to find time during the television season for the actress to break away for filming a movie. Scheduling for a film production would need to be set for summer. This could explain the delay, but there is little real information out there for the true reasons for the delay. The film might never see release in the end.

Can you see Lea Michele taking on the starring role in this film? if it is a true remake, Baby Houseman was an awkward and shy young woman. Michele doesn’t truly give off that vibe. If the film goes away from the original story and makes it new for the times, it might just work for Lea.

What do you think?

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