‘Glee’ ‘Swan Song’ Recap: Don’t Dream It’s Over

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Glee season 4 continued with episode 9, “Swan Song,” which saw New Directions have to move on after Sectionals and NYADA’s big Winter Showcase.

"Swan Song" Photo: Eddy Chen/FOXIn New York, Rachel received the golden ticket for the Winter Showcase, but of course Cassie didn’t stop giving her a hard time, including calling her out on it when she took a break in class for water. She didn’t think Rachel was going to be able to keep up in the Showcase, but Rachel argued that she didn’t see how good she had become. That led to their dance-off of “All That Jazz,” and while Rachel admitted she wasn’t as good a dancer as Cassie, she had at least as good—but maybe even better—of a voice, and that was what was going to win her the Showcase. Meanwhile, Kurt was doing everything he could for his application to NYADA, and that included stopping in to see Carmen. She reviewed his application and said she thought the same thing she did the first time he auditioned: he was “a very talented man who knows how to sell a number but who is devoid of complexity and depth.” They were looking for performers who weren’t afraid to show vulnerability or heart. When she did give someone a second chance, it was on her terms, and she dismissed him (of course setting up what was to come).

At the Winter Showcase, Brody found Rachel outside and reminded her she was there because she was the best of the best. But she felt like she had it and was going to go out there like she’d never have the chance to sing again. Before he could leave, however, she kissed him, explaining she was going to stat doing things like she’d never get another chance to. Then she went in and performed “Being Good Isn’t Good Enough,” and she didn’t just do well, she got a standing ovation and a call for an encore, for which she sang “O Holy Night.” That wasn’t all, however. As Carmen had said, when she gave second chances, it was on her terms, and she announced that Kurt would be performing after intermission if he was ready. Rachel calmed him down and helped him choose “Being Alive” for his song, and while he didn’t have any props or a costume, she told him her favorite performance of his was “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” It may be different, but she told him to dedicate the song to himself. When he stood in front of everyone, he explained that he’d loved the song since he was six, but he knew what it meant for the first time. After, he too got a standing ovation, and unsurprisingly, he got his acceptance letter by the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Finn and the New Directions had to regroup after their loss at Sectionals (the Warblers won). However, they also lost out on pretty much every possible place they could rehearse, with Sue taking over the choir room for a special project. Finn wanted them to still sing at the holiday concert and make it the best they could even if it was their swan song. No one was really for that, especially since some of them didn’t even have the possibility of a comeback to look forward to next year. The students moved on—Artie to marching band, Tina and Blaine to the Cheerios, Ryder and Jake to basketball, Unique to floor hockey, and Joe to the interfaith paintball league—but Finn tried to hold them together. He reserved the auditorium for two six-minute time periods: the first to talk to them and the second for rehearsal. Only Marley showed up to the second one. Finn was pretty much done when Rachel called after the Showcase, and she explained that glee club wasn’t just about competing. It was about the music and the people, even the romances. The students looked up to him, and he couldn’t let them give up on their dreams—or give up on his. He ended up sending everyone an email (as “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from The Breakfast Club played in the background) and waited with Marley outside in the snow, the only place they could practice. Slowly, everyone joined them for “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”

Oh, and Sam and Brittany started dating. He led her to a classroom with a trail of Cheerios (since she forgot to eat breakfast Tuesdays because the first few days of the week confuse her) and told her he was into her. They did sing “Somethin’ Stupid” together, and though he tried to kiss her, she pushed him away because she was worried about all the lesbians of the nation coming after him since they had been learned she and Santana had been together. Later on though, she was the one to go with him and ask him out, and they kissed.

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