‘Glee’ ‘The Break Up’ Recap: There’s Only So Much the Heart Can Take

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Glee season 4 continues with episode 4, “The Break Up.” It begins with Jake and Marley bonding over free lunch tickets (his mother went from being a real estate agent to a country club waitress), while Blaine and Brittany watch, remembering the simpler times in their own relationships. They’re still young; it should still be like that.

"The Break Up" Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOXIn New York, Kurt greets his brother before leaving to give him and Rachel time. Finn was in the army for 16 days—until he shot himself through the thigh with Rachel (his rifle), which got him a semi-honorable discharge. He backpacked through Georgia, embarrassed about what happened. Rachel already has a plan: they’ll find him a new dream in NY. She suggests he watch her NYADA classes for the week to see what he thinks about pursuing acting there. She’s not letting him go again.

While doing laundry at home (to make sure she sees Brittany every few weeks), Santana points out how ridiculously easy it was for Kurt to get the Vogue.com internship. Though Brittany points out she could follow her NY dream, Santana likes being in college, a cheerleader, and close to her. After Brittany yawns, she explains she was reading the Left Behind series for a club. Kurt calls Blaine, though he’s busy with work. This could be his career. Blaine understands, but he misses him. He’ll be visiting in two weeks, and Kurt hangs up before Blaine’s “I love you.” Finn watches Rachel in class and knows she found the place she belongs, but it’s not for him. Blaine and Finn sing “Barely Breathing,” and Blaine “pokes” Eli C., who messages him inviting him over.

While getting ready for Callbacks, where NYADA students hang and sing, Finn admits to Rachel and Kurt he hasn’t sung since Nationals so he’s not sure about singing that night. That’s when Kurt gets a surprise at the door in the form of Blaine, who missed him too much to wait to visit. The four head to Callbacks, and something’s clearly on Blaine’s mind, though he blames his flight. Brody joins Finn and Rachel and Finn ends up suggesting Brody sing with Rachel instead of him. He watches as they perform “Give You Heart a Break,” then Blaine takes the stage to sing a very emotional version of “Teenage Dream” to Kurt, but Kurt, Rachel, and Finn can tell something’s not right.

After, the couples separate to talk, and Finn tells Rachel he doesn’t fit in in NY. Kurt questions Blaine about the song and can tell something’s wrong. While Rachel tells Finn about kissing Brody, Blaine admits he hooked up with someone. He was lonely and Kurt wasn’t there, but Kurt understands loneliness and temptation—he just didn’t give in because he knew what it meant. The four sing “Don’t Speak” and go to bed with nothing resolved.

The next morning, Kurt’s sitting in the living room as Finn goes to leave. He had been hoping he was Blaine and feels like he’s going to die. Finn needs to get away, and after a hug, Finn walks out without leaving a message for Rachel. Meanwhile, back with the McKinley students, Kitty’s “Left Behind” club meets at Breadstix, where she tells them the rapture is coming—and takes it too far when she stages a fake one after sending Dottie to the bathroom to show her what it feels like being left behind. Santana tries to get Brittany to leave, but Brittany explains this was how she felt when Santana left her behind.

Finn surprises Will when he visits and just says the army didn’t work out. He has something to talk to him about and hugs him, clearly emotional. When Blaine finds Finn in the choir room, Finn asks why he did what he did. Blaine knows there’s no excuse and has no idea where he and Kurt stand since Kurt won’t talk to him. After the rest of the club greets Finn, Will turns the talk to the fall musical, and it’s Finn who comes up with the right one: Grease. Will’s officially on the panel and wants Emma to be there with him, but she’s not as willing to leave her job behind as he expected. She likes her job and isn’t going to just drop everything.

Blaine sent Kurt flowers with a note asking for forgiveness, a note that Kurt throws out. Brittany joins Santana in the choir room, where Santana remembers falling in love. She has something to tell Brittany and since she doesn’t know how to say it, she sings “Mine.” She doesn’t want to be a long distance couple that hangs in there and breaks up when someone eventually cheats. Neither would cheat on the other, but Santana had “an energy exchange” with a girl studying. It happens, and Santana suggests they do the mature thing, which means being honest that long distance relationships are hard. No matter what, Santana tells her, “You know I will always love you the most.”

Jake apologizes to Marley about Kitty’s club, and she says he’s obviously desperate to fit in. He’s been on the outside, and being with Kitty means no one makes fun of him. However, when Kitty joins them and makes fun of Marley’s mother, Jake tells her to stop and breaks up with her. Rachel finds Finn after he just left and after driving around town since he didn’t answer his phone. She’d rather have been with him than Brody, but he wasn’t around. Finn’s her first love, and while she wants him to be her last, it’s over, at least for now. Though Finn says he doesn’t have anything, Rachel tells him, “You have you, and that’s better than anyone else on the planet.”

The four major couples perform “The Scientist,” with flashbacks to key moments in their histories, before it ends with Finn alone on stage.

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Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/FOX

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