Glee Thriller Mash-Up Super Bowl Bound: Too Soon For Michael Jackson Covers?

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Fox’s “Glee” is taking on Thriller for its big post Super Bowl appearance. That news was released earlier this week, and the reaction to the news was very mixed. Some fans were upset that Glee is planning to take on Michael Jackson. Others were excited. It is definitely one of those things that will earn attention for the series. It always is, and the episode hasn’t even aired yet.

47653, PASADENA, CALIFORNIA - Thursday November 29 2010. Lea Michele dressed in seasonal garb film a Christmas episode of Glee in a Christmas Tree lot in Pasadena. During filming Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were seen sharing an embrace and a kiss. After filming Lea and Cory signed autographs and took pictures with fans. Photograph: Nate Jones,

Any series that can snag a post Super Bowl episode has made its mark. No denying that “Glee” has done that. But cover Thriller though? The death of Michael Jackson is still fresh in the minds of a lot of people. The estate of Michael Jackson has not allowed the singer to fade from the spotlight any. There is new music and tributes to him in the works.

The Immortal World Tour will kick off next year by Cirque du Soleil.  Now “Glee” is tacking “Thriller” for this episode. It is time to let Michael Jackson rest, but it doesn’t look like that will happen. According to CNN, the song will appear during half time of a football game as a mash-up with another song.

Other songs set to be used in the episode will come from Katy Perry and Black Eyed Peas. A mash-up? That almost makes it worse than if they just performed the song on its own! The series is popular, and it is dominating things once again this season, but some things are just better left alone. Ever hear of respect for the dead? MJ is no longer with us. His music lives on, but his music isn’t for sampling. Not right now.

“Glee” is known for taking on today’s music and some classics and running with them. Some artists are okay with that. A lot aren’t though, and they have been outspoken about their unhappiness with “Glee” on Fox. Not every artist wants to appear on the musical series. Wonder if Michael Jackson would have allowed the series to use his song on their show? No way to ever really know, but it is possible he is not too happy with the song usage.  What do you think? Is “Glee” planned “Thriller” mash-up something you are looking forward to seeing? Go here for the latest “Glee” news.

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