Glee: ‘Thriller’ Post-Super Bowl Episode Photos Leaked!

Glee has created its Thriller post-super bowl episode and there is a lot of buzz surrounding the rather large production! Now, the first images from GleeÂ’s Thriller post-super bowl episode have been leaked! LetÂ’s just say the photos promise a great show! ThereÂ’s little doubt that the entertainment worldÂ’s recent obsession with zombies is to blame.

ThrillerApparently, Fox decided it would be a good idea to have an episode showing the Glee cast dancing it up to Thriller. The episode will not be a tribute to the late and great Michael Jackson but will be memorable nonetheless. As you can see in the photo, it will be an all out production filled with GleeÂ’s usual dancing and singing. However, this episode will have zombies, werewolves, and football players. Ah, yesÂ… just like the good olÂ’ days in high school!

This episode wonÂ’t just play MJÂ’s music though because songs from Katy Perry, Black Eyed Peas, and Lady Antebellum will be featured. Anyway, expect the episode to air on February 6th after Super Bowl XLV!


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photo source: Amazon & Collider

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