Glee’s Chris Colfer Talks About His ‘First Time’

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Glee star Chris Colfer, better known as Kurt Hummel, opens up to E! about his ‘first time’ with co-star Darren Criss (who plays Blaine) and why this episode of Glee is so significant for society.

Any Gleek would know that Kurt and Blaine’s relationship has been growing ever since Blaine transferred to McKinley High; they definitely opt to downplay their relationship but those paying attention notice every little thing. As for those watching the newest episode, you would have to blind to miss the next big step in their relationship. That’s right – sex. And Chris Colfer sat down and discussed the episode in a recent interview with E!.

As for the obvious, not much skin is showing as it is a family show, and it is understated but definitely endearing. Kurt and Blaine fight prejudice is nearly every episode whether it be fighting stereotypes or fighting the bullies, and according to Colfer, they continue to fight the stereotype that gays are promiscuous as he and Darren play a gay couple that are very much in love and very monogamous. Chris also says that it was by no means romantic as there are ’40 middle-aged crew members in the same room’, but it was still a very significant scene.

Just by typing Chris’ name into Google, one would find out that he is gay in real life, even though Darren (Blaine) is not. But Colfer still believes that Glee‘s sex episode, specifically with him and Darren losing their virginities to one another, is an important message to people. As he says, you have seen heteros those their virginities a hundred times, but rarely do you say a gay couple do the same. And Glee is giving that opportunity. The opportunity to show that relationships come in all varieties, and love does too. And just because someone might be gay, does not mean they are running around sleeping with everyone. These two men saved themselves for another and are truly in love, something many believe homosexuals are incapable of. According to Chris, it shows what all relationships can and should be. Gay or straight.

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