Glenn Beck and Right-Wing Talk Shows Ratings Drop

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Glenn Beck and right-wing talk show ratings have dropped, so right-wing talk radio may be in trouble. Beck’s TV ratings are down fifty percent, and many radio stations are dropping him. The problem may be people are tired of the negative talk and constant attacks on President Obama.

America is in trouble, and a constant diet of slamming President Obama is wearing on many people’s nerves, but does that mean that the message in November is fading? No, it just means that Americans are tired of right-wing and left-wing rhetoric. Americans voted for change not for Obama or Glenn Beck. Talk radio and talking presidents don’t put food on the table and pay the mortgage. As for Glenn Beck and President Obama, the people will speak loudly in 2012, and there will be a political house cleaning that will send a clear message to President Obama, Congress, and Glenn Beck.

Is there a market for non-partisan news and independent voices? Intelligent people need news, and they need to make up their own minds. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh were fresh and exciting, but maybe their brand of negativism is wearing Americans out.



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