Glenn Beck apologizes for mocking Obama’s daughter (Video)

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Glenn Beck imitated the president’s daughter after making the argument and rightfully so, that famlies are off base, but should the president have used his daughter to make his point about how important the oil spill is, and how it’s on everyone’s mind.

I think they both owe Malia Obama an apology.  I heard President Obama and Glenn Beck talk about Malia.  Leave the children out.  Both are supposed to be grown men.  Do they need a child on their side to make their points? 

AOL reports, At a news conference on Thursday, the president said how he was shaving and Malia said, “Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?”  Obama was trying to show how this is on everyone’s mind.  Well, most kids it’s not and why use your daughter, Mr. President?

Glenn Beck then, got hold of it and mocked Malia in a high pitched tone repeating what Malia reportedly said to her father. Then, Beck went on to make it worse by mocking the President.  And if it weren’t enough, Beck went on to make fun of the Obama children’s school.

Beck’s routine went on from there, so here is the video segment where Beck apologizes, and said, “I broke my own rule.”

They both broke the rule.  Leave the kids out!  Do adults need to be told that kids are off base?

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