Glenn Beck Bashes ‘Glee’ as Horror Show

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Glenn Beck is definitely not a Gleek! The opinionated talk show host bashed Glee on last Thursday evening’s Fox News broadcast, calling the popular Fox concept a “horror show.”

A collective gasp just went out among Gleeks everywhere. Beck’s long-winded tirade attacked the program big time, and his commentary is just too good, daresay comical, not to share.

It “stands out and stands against almost every value that I have… I’ve watched it in stunned horror combined with a sense of admiring awe. It is a brilliant, brilliant show. Very well done. But it is a horror show.”

Way to be dramatic! One would think Beck was likening the Fox hit to some X-rated movie, not a high-school musical comedy. Glenn Beck also confirmed that Glee is a “nightmare” because all the characters are “sleeping with everybody else” and that it promotes “self-gratification.”

And, it probably does. No arguing with him there.

But, so does almost every other TV show on air—sleeping around and “self-gratification” in some form or another is pretty prevalent, from the CW’s high-school hookups on 90210 and the high-stakes drama and backstabbing of Gossip Girl to the suggestive sitcoms on just about every main channel. And, forget cable! The provocative antics of E!’s famous Girls Next Door or MTV’s Jersey Shore, anyone?

File:Glee cast.jpgIs Glee promoting a squeaky-clean image? Absolutely not. But, it’s probably a relatively realistic one (minus the fact that all of the students happen to be talented singers, dancers, and actors).

So, why pick on McKinley High when there’s Jersey Shore to stand on?

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