Glenn Beck Challenges Americans To Take Nolen Chart Survey or Nolen Test [LINK]

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Have you ever heard of the Nolan Chart Survey? I did take it once last year, and I was not at all surprised about where I fell on the Nolan Chart. However, Glenn Beck thinks that people like me who are not suprised are in the minority.

Glenn Beck would like people to take the Nolen Test. In fact, he has made it a challenge. Because of that, I may just take him up on his challenge, and retake the Nolan Test just to see if I have crept into a different category over the past year or so.

The Nolen test contains labels like Statist and Liberal on one side and Conservative or Libertarian on the other end side and Centerist in the middle.

The Nolan Test is supposed to give you a better understanding of yourself beyond just the somewhat simple terms of Conservative or Liberal. The additional categories provide you with a more rounded view of your political beliefs.

Whatever you think of Glenn Beck, this survey could be fun and eye opening to take. By the way, I think Glenn Beck is so cute, and I would love to pinch his cheeks. However, I do feel sorta scared if I ever happen to stumble upon his show. He’s too far on the fringe for me to feel comfortable with.

However, the Nolan Chart Survey is still a fun activity, and since it is only 10 questions, it doesn’t take too long to take it. You can go to America’s Quiz to take the test from Glenn Beck’s site. This is still one of the most popular items on Glenn Beck’s website.

If you have a few extra minutes check out the Nolan Chart Survey to take your survey. Let me know where you fall.

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