Glenn Beck Fired from Fox News for “Course Correction”

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Glenn Beck was cut from Fox News for “course correction,” just as people on the dreaded “left” thought in the beginning. As it turns out, the president of Fox News admits it!

Fans of Glenn Beck are probably grinding their teeth right now at hearing the cold, hard truth that Roger Ailes didn’t want the guy around anymore. The president of Fox News admitted in an interview that the conservative commentary on the notoriously right-wing channel has been on a slow course of change because of the violent rhetoric commentators like Beck produce.

It also seems that Roger Ailes isn’t too pleased with Sarah Palin, or some of his other commentators. He thinks Bill O’Reilly is jealous of Sean Hannity and he admits that he sometimes has to scold Shepard Smith for saying things that “don’t go over well with viewers of Fox News.” Now dissect that last sentence. Is he accusing Shepard Smith of not being right-wing enough? It’s easy to see that since Smith is possibly the most watchable person on the network. He also appears to be the most sane, so of course he isn’t right-wing enough.

Anyway it doesn’t come as a shock to know that Fox News is on its way through some “course correction” and it’s in light of the January assassination attempt of Congresswoman Giffords in Arizona. The hateful rhetoric that was rampant from people like Palin and Glenn Beck drew a lot of negative attention toward Fox News, no doubt.


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