Glenn Beck In Rome! Meets with Catholic Leaders and Starting Int’l Tea Party

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Fans of Glenn Beck‘s have been wondering what was up for the past two weeks. He disappeared for a few days and prior to that, had hinted around that something big was coming. Big is an understatement. He’s been at the Vatican, and more! Beck has had several shows lately on the topic of religious liberty. With the contraceptive mandate looming over Catholics, two weeks ago, Beck told his GBTV audience, “We are all Catholic now.” It’s become a movement of people of all religions coming together to fight for religious freedom issues.

Glenn BeckIn early February, Glenn said, “Today I am a Jew. I’m a Catholic. I’m a Mormon. I’m a Protestant. I am somebody who believes in something, and I stand with others who say ‘I may not believe the same thing that you believe but I want the right to believe and practice and worship the way I believe.'” It’s incredible that some people have tried to claim that Beck was a racist, a bigot and worse. The claims are usually made by the same people who claim he is a Republican shill. They fail to mention things like Beck is pro-gay marriage.

Beck met with Cardinals, Monsignors, Archbishops and other Catholic leaders and officials at the Vatican. Beck’s website says, “They discussed the importance of freedom of expression and freedom of conscience, as well as standing against the rise of secularism and the rise of anti-Semitism.” Fans will have to wait until later today when Glenn is back to discuss his trip. Anything that can help to bring peace between religions and work towards solidarity against secular attacks will be welcome by many.

Mr. Beck also spoke with Tea Party leaders from Serbia, Georgia, Milan, Rome, Germany, Austria, London, and Israel. Who knew there was a Tea Party overseas? The meeting was put together by FreedomWorks and Mercury One. The website says they discussed the peace movement overseas and “…an integrated global effort to champion Tea Party ideals.” On his Monday radio show, Beck will talk about his “…vision for a multi-faith coalition that stands in support of religious liberty.” Last night on his Twitter, Beck posted, “I’m back from “special assignment” with amazing news. Much to share. A GLOBAL movement is coming!” Be sure to tune in to hear the details about Beck’s meetings!

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