Glenn Beck Says Only Hookers Use Planned Parenthood

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Although he’s scheduled to leave Fox, Glenn Beck still has his mildly-psychotic radio show in the meantime. Sure, the show doesn’t play in the more civilized cities, and others are dropping its syndication soon, but what is he spending his time for on the air? He’s smearing women who support planned parenthood.

In the audio you can listen to here, Glenn Beck and his co-host not only made fun of and mocked Lawrence O’Donnell, he also takes aim at the women who support and rely upon the services of Planned Parenthood and similar establishments. First, Glenn Beck starts off making fun of O’Donnell for crying, pointing out that O’Donnell had made fun of him for crying in the past. Real mature, Beck, really mature.

But that isn’t what was truly upsetting about Glenn Beck’s ridiculous radio show segment. He says only hookers use Planned Parenthood, among other things. So immediately after saying only hookers use Planned Parenthood’s services, he goes on to make fun of a woman who sent an email to Lawrence O’Donnell in support of the women’s health establishment. She had had an abortion. While he’s making fun of her,  these are his words:

“I’ve got 400 abortions that I have to have! I have to have these children aborted!”

As anyone could see, this nonsensical string of words is barely coherent when you read it in text, and this is how Glenn Beck talks about women. To him, they are hookers. To him, if a woman uses Planned Parenthood, they are hookers who are getting abortions. It’s a shame that there are actually still people who walk the planet who listen to and support him.

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