Glenn Beck Upset with Scott Brown Republican from Massachusetts (Video)

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Scott Brown as Senate passes The Jobs Bill, and Glenn Beck in the following video calls Scott Brown a liar.  Glenn Beck is angry that the Senator from Massachusetts has voted for the jobs bill after he received support from conservatives like Glenn Beck.  Facebook is flooded with angry comments from conservatives as they feel Scott Brown betrayed them. 

Scott Brown defeated Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley because of conservative support.  Scott Brown filled the seat and replaced the liberal Ted Kennedy, so conservatives believed the Republican would give them the edge they needed to stop the jobs bills and other liberal legislation.   The Scott Brown Victory seemed to stem the tide of liberals, but conservatives and especially, Glenn Beck are furious, and the bloggers are reacting. Scott Brown calls himself an independent, and is showing his supporters his independence, and many like Glenn Beck are letting their displeasure be known.   See the video of Glenn Beck calling Scott Brown a liar. 

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