Glenn Beck Uses Cupcakes to Explain Inflation (Video)

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??Glenn Beck used cupcakes to explain inflation and America’s economic woes. His cupcake demonstration was quite insulting. Beck seems to see everything in terms of his own health issues. He called the U.S. economic situation “cancer” and went on to use a sophomoric demonstration using bakery products.


Beck has lost it! Does he think that Americans are in need of his own dark vision of the economy? He paints a metaphoric concept of economic hopelessness and tells his audience that when one has a disease as he does, one has to stay away from things like cupcakes.

Glenn Beck has used his own weakened condition to explain the woes of the United States before this demonstration. Is he looking for sympathy? Either way, listening or watching Glenn Beck has become so depressing that even with cupcakes, someone feels hopeless. He needs to get control of himself and stop the doom and gloom.

His cupcake demonstration was not only infantile, but he licked the icing off his finger. He has some valid points, but his demeanor is one of a clown. Glenn Beck should stop while he is ahead, take his money, and concentrate on his health.

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