Glenn Beck’s GBTV: An Online Success Story

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Glenn Beck can easily be counted among the heroes of the conservative movement. His contribution to the Tea Party was paramount to its success. His ‘912 Project’ (which he created but doesn’t ‘own’) is having its three-year anniversary and still going strong. His live appearances sellout, he’s a sought after speaker and he still has his top-rated radio show. What may come as a surprise is that Beck is being watched by a large audience on his Internet video network, GBTV.

Glenn Beck by Gage Skidmore 2When Beck left FOX News, to the delight of the left, he had already began work on GBTV. Most of the members stayed with his website membership section, Insider Extreme, some out of curiosity and some out of loyalty. In July 2011, Beck and some of his co-worker’s packed up and moved to Texas to start a new life. “Away from the suits,” he says. Other employees stayed in his New York Mercury Radio Arts office. On several blogs from the DFW area, people made comments about how happy they were to have Beck and family move to their area. Once in Dallas/Fort Worth, he started building something of a studio, but on a grander scale. His new ‘GBTV’ was doing great even before it started, once settled in Texas, it took off.

It’s exciting to see this type of media outlet come to fruition. Like YouTube users have developed their own studio and production companies based on this ‘new media’, Beck realizes the magnitude of what he’s doing. He says, “We are on the edge of something that is bigger than industrial revolution.” Over 300,000 subscribers are going along for the ride. Beck supporters are a very loyal and tight-knit group. They don’t always agree with what he says, but they appreciate his dedication to teaching viewers to research what he and the media says and not take it at face value. Beck never expects his listeners or viewers to just accept what they hear. He encourages people to correct him and has corrected or apologized for things he’s said many times. Since leaving FOX, Beck’s dedication to his audience has helped him double the revenue of Mercury Radio Arts to $80 million.

The Glenn Beck Radio Program is broadcast from the new studio so viewers can see him live as he’s doing the show. Later in the day, his daily ‘The Glenn Beck Show’ internet program plays live for two hours. There are a few other shows being shown, all content produced by GBTV like ‘Real News’ from ‘The Blaze’, Beck’s news website and ‘Liberty Treehouse’, a program for children. They also create documentaries and other programming and soon they’ll be on full-time. It’s a great option to be able to pay for just the content you want. With that benefit comes the bonus of not having a constant stream of anti-Beck press! Out of their sight, out of their minds.

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