Glenn Beck’s Lindsay Lohan Fingernail Message to MSNBC: Cries I’ve Got ‘No Ratings’

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Glenn Beck’s fingernail message to MSNBC was clear, no ratings. However, what does ‘no ratings’ on his fingernails mean and why did Glenn Beck have to pull a ‘Lindsay Lohan’ to get his message across? I’m assuming Beck wanted to have the attention Lohan had when she gave out her fingernail message.

Accordiing to the Huffingtonpost, Glenn Beck stopped halfway through his show and raised his fingers to the camera revealing the message ‘ no ratings’ written on them. Then he started talking about Lindsay Lohan and her fingernail message and how he was doing the same.

From there, Glenn Beck cried a few fake tears and charged on with why he has no ratings. He accused MSNBC of now allowing him to do stories that mattered. And Beck believed that stories which mattered to him would be stories that mattered to viewers.

I’m not sure about that statement from Beck but I know he’s got a lot of attention now with his ‘Lindsay Lohan’ move.

You can watch the full clip by clicking here. It’s actually pretty funny to see a grown man do such a whimsical thing to himself as to paint his fingers black and imitate a starlet decades younger than him. In the end, I guess Glenn Beck’s got to do what Glenn Becks got to do for the ratings!


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