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Glenn Beck’s new community discount site, will be competing against for your discount dollars! The only question is will Beck’s controversial personality File:Glenn Beck by Gage Skidmore.jpghelp or hinder sales for

The discount site was launched by Glenn’s Mercury Radio Arts subsidiary Mercury Digital Labs. It is being true to its owner’s rhetoric with the tagline Value and Values. However, it’s important to remember that Beck’s values aren’t the same values as his critics.

Speaking about, Glenn states, “Markdown is a way for people to connect with companies and products that respect their values, and respect their hard-earned dollars. If we want to save our country, we have to save ourselves, which means we have to align ourselves with things that are true, and I think we have an opportunity to save people money and unite with each other and create something new, with real value, to help. If I can create something of worth, and be able to with that, help others, to enrich or enhance their lives, I think we’ve done a good thing.”

Wow, that’s a pretty good pitch isn’t it? Perhaps Beck is hoping to bank on the dollars of his supporters. There’s no denying that he has a huge audience and fan base. A dollar per person is enough to make an already wealthy Glenn Beck wealthier. So, the next time you are in need of a coupon for mass amounts of stuff, will you remember or will you purposely avoid it?

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