Glenn Beck’s website ‘The Blaze’ is just like any other url – Right? Wrong!

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Glenn Beck’s new website ‘The Blaze’ which launched yesterday is just like any other news website right? Wrong, says Beck. ‘The Blaze’ was created as an alternative to “mainstream media outlets.”

File:Glenn Beck by Gage Skidmore.jpgHuffington Post stated that following what Glenn Beck considered to be disappointing mainstream media coverage of his Restoring Honor rally, Beck decided to create ‘The Blaze’ for more comprehensive coverage of news and politics.

Glenn Beck called ‘The Blaze’ “a place where you can find breaking news, original reporting, insightful opinions and engaging videos about the stories that matter most.”

According to the Examiner, Glenn Beck’s website ‘The Blaze’ is just like any other blog news site except it will mainly have Beck’s message behind the blogs. Yesterday’s posts were mainly written by Glenn’s staff editors, Meredith Jessup and Jonathan M. Seidl.

Now Public said that Beck’s website ‘The Blaze‘ was more of an imitation of Alex Jones’ website Infowars. It compared the two as being both on the right and called the audience catered to by both men “wacko.” Apparently Jone’s is said to be the more authentic of the two conservative personalities with a more stable growing fan base.

Will Glenn Beck’s website ‘The Blaze’ burn up it’s competition? Only time will tell but one thing is certain, Beck can expect a lot of views by curious people who want to find out what ‘The Blaze’ is all about. Will you head over to Beck’s new website soon?



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