Global Warming: An Acrostic Poem:

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Global Warming: An  Acrostic Poem:

Greatly exaggerated with both current knowledge and with its predicted path

Limited only to the depth of the imaginations of those that sell this deception

Only allowing selected criteria that conforms to a predetermined conclusion

Blaming all who resist the endless betrayal of the truths of scientific qualifications

Always defending false claims, as the reality is set aside as an intrusive component

Leaving only what will allow a created scenario to be presented as the truth

Withholding evidence which works against the principle presented illusion

Anger arises within the minds of those who blindly orchestrate the agenda

Removing doubts from the weak-minded as they fill them with falsehoods

Manipulation seems to have become a primary scientific methodology

Interested in self-gratification as they blindly adhere to those who deceive them

Never realizing that it is they who have become part of the mind experimental episode

Giving themselves to a science that no longer coincides with either good or even the truth

Vic Damico 2014

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I am a registered Republican, although I am not too fond of either side of our political circus. Truth is not determined by which political party with which you may be associated. What is good is not determined by which political party with which you may

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