Globe Magazine Publishes GARY COLEMAN DEATHBED Photos while He was Dying in the Hospital! {PHOTO}

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Globe magazine is at it again with causing a ruckus in the world of the celebrities through their tabloid. This time the magazine has obtained and paid for a Gary Coleman deathbed photo. Globe received the deathbed photo, but will keep their source unidentified.

The cover of the Globe magazine was released to the public on Wednesday and it is quite disturbing. It shows Gary Coleman in the hospital on his deathbed. This is most certainly not the way America nor I want to remember lovable Gary Coleman.

The cover of the Globe magazine shows a dying Gary Coleman just hours before his ex-wife Shannon Price chose to pull the life support plug on him. You can see a forlorn Shannon Price posing for the picture. And something just seems “off” about the photo. Who poses for a photo when your loved one is dying. My daughter was in the hospital for heart surgery and we were so distraught we forgot to even take one picture at all. (Now she is asking for pics. Who takes pictures when you are grieving and worried?)

The cover of the Globe magazine’s headline is “IT WAS MURDER!,” which is indicating that Shannon Price allegedly murdered him. Now there is speculation that Shannon Price sold the picture to pay for Gary Coleman’s funeral supposedly. However the headline “IT WAS MURDER!” does not lead me to believe that Price would have sold that picture while knowing what the story would entail (her murdering Gary Coleman by pushing him down the stairs).

But maybe she sold the photo of Gary Coleman on his deathbed without knowing the spin on the story. At this time, Price’s representative has not denied that Price sold the picture to Globe magazine.

While the will is going through probate, a Utah judge chose Dion Mial, to be the administrator of Gary Coleman’s estate. Mial was named the executor of Coleman’s will back in 1999. Mial and Coleman had been friends for a long time and also he was the actor’s former manager.

Mial tried to stop Globe magazine from publishing the picture of Gary Coleman on his deathbed; however, he was unsuccessful in stopping the publishing. Mial believes that Shannon Price sold the picture to the tabloid magazine so she could continue to profit from Gary Coleman’s death.

I think Globe magazine should be stopped from publishing such disturbing pictures such as these. And I don’t understand the person who chose to profit off of the death of a loved one. I just don’t get it!

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