Glowing UFO Lights in Hudson Valley in New York

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Hudson Valley is a hotbed for UFO reports, so it’s always interesting when there is new evidence of alien craft in the area.

On Wednesday, an unidentified person captured on video glowing orange and yellow lights hovering above Pine Bush, NY. While it’s difficult to discern if the video is a fake, you can check out the footage and decide for yourself.

The footage was taken at night, but the sky is clear and the picture quality is fairly decent. Hudson Valley is where one of the most famous unexplained craft encounters happened in 1982. And, since the “Boomerang UFO’s” appearance, there have been thousands of similar encounters around the region.

If you lived there, wouldn’t you spend a lot of time looking to the skies?

But, why would this area, about an hour north of New York City, be such an attractive destination for UFO visitations? Well, the West Point Military Academy is located there, as well as a nuclear power plant.

Most likely, the pictures from Wednesday are phony, or there could be a reasonable explanation. The strange lights might be weather balloons, satellites, or some other man-made craft.

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