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   A recent article and some information shared on Gather (thanks Alison!) reminded me to look into reducing the amount of gluten-containing foods our family eats.  I have a child who is high-functioning autistic, and one who has really severe ADHD.  I have fibromyalgia, asthma and IBS.  There is evidence that suggests that reducing the gluten intake in your diet can alleviate the symptoms of some of these conditions.  I figure it's worth a shot!

   So, how would I get started?  If you keep your kitchen gluten-free or reduce the amount of gluten in your family's meals, how do you do it?  Where is the best place to shop for the right ingredients (and what ARE the right ingredients) or foods that would take the place of products we currently use?

   I'm very uninformed on this topic so I would really like any input or tips you may have to offer.  I am also on a tight budget so any suggestions on reducing cost without becoming Betty Crocker would be greatly appreciated as well!  Thanks in advance.

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