GM accepts bailout from Obama and moves production of Cadillac to China!

Like China needs good news! GM accepted the bailout money from American citizens, and now, General Motors will use our money to send the production of 2013 Cadillacs to China.

According to the Giavelli Report, General Motors Co. announced Monday at the Beijing auto show that it will begin building its all-new 2013 Cadillac XTS sedan in China this year and later will build the ELR luxury electric coupe in the country.

People in Michigan hailed the bailout from the Obama administration. Well, you see what happens when corporate greed mixes with American money. Americans foot the bill, while the President of the United States has buried us in debt, and China reaps the jobs. Is this what President Obama planned on when he sent us down the road to bankruptcy?

When our children are paying for the $17 trillion dollars in debt, Chinese children will be laughing all the way around the world. Don’t forget to vote Republican in 2012, and bring the Cadillac back!

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