Gmail Bug: Google Reset Erases Email For Some Users – Check Yours

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Some Gmail emails were erased after Google’s recent reset. The glitch or bug affected about 150K users who discovered their electronic mail, attachments, and Google Chat logs vanished. What happened?

The company provided an explanation for what took place over night, and hopefully provides some relief to the countless number of email users who depend on the platform for daily mail.

Google said that about 0.08% of all Gmail users have fallen victim to a so-called bug or glitch that resulted in a complete resetting of their accounts, according to Mashable.

In fact, many users received the traditional welcome message in the form of an auto-reply when signing up for new accounts. Talk about a debacle! This no doubt sent many through the roof.

But don’t fret; there is some ray of light at the end of the tunnel about the glitch/bug. Google has put a positive spin on the matter by reporting that users of Gmail need not be worried — engineers are on top of the matter.

As a result, some users may only be part of a temporary meltdown with their accounts. Thank goodness, right?

The popular email format has become one of the most widely-used online tools, not only because it’s free, but because it actually works and has so many fun things built into its framework.

Just like an iPhone is glued to the palms of many people’s hands daily, Gmail follows one around like a halo.

Some people will no doubt bust a gasket when they learn of the sobering news that’s tantamount to “the shot heard all around the world” or “The British are coming, the British are coming!”

Has your Gmail account been affected by the glitch, reset, or bug?

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