Gmail Down: Handheld Devices Finally Back with Google Email Service

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It seems Google cannot catch a break these last few days. Just recently the Internet company was sued my Oracle over using Java for Android, and now several Gmail down reports have surfaced online.

Apparently the outage only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to cause seemingly wide-spread panic for users who are not used to technology glitches.The reports claim some users are unable to get access to their mail accounts as of Tuesday afternoon.

Google took to Twitter to thank followers making them aware of the issue. “Thanks everyone for the reports of 500 errors, we’re working on it.” Soon after, they posted another message about the outage which said, “#Gmail should be back for some of you already, and will be back for everyone soon. Thanks for your patience.”

How many Yahoo! and Hotmail users took time out to gloat at the fact their services were working perfectly? Though the Gmail down incident caused a bit of a panic for some Google lovers, it seems all is well now. Now, Hotmail and Yahoo! users can go back to being disgruntled at their inferior service.

Of course, this outage was likely more trying for those who use their Google email via a handheld device, like Android smartphones, tablets, or iPhones, who may have mistaken the outage to be a mobile carrier issue. At least users on the computer could continuously click the refresh button until the outage sunk in.

Goodness knows what would have happened had it gone out for an entire day! People may have had to resort to using paper and pen. Remember those? Now that the Gmail down problem is fixed, all is well with the world, and everyone may carry on as usual.


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