Go Away Dick Cheney

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Dick Cheney's many faces

If there’s one face which best portrays the Bush years, it’s the scowling, menacing one belonging to Dick Cheney. Cheney is the man behind many of the most insidious policies inflicted upon the nation in the last 8 years – Iraq, the Patriot Act, Guantanamo and torture either began with Cheney or had his full-fledged support. And as has been well documented, Cheney, for all intent and purposes, has been the president during Bush’s two terms in office.

With the victory of Barack Obama and the decimation of the Republican party in the last election, it was hoped that Mr. Cheney would crawl back under the rock he emerged from to never be heard from again. Sadly, it is not to be. Cheney gave an interview to Politico this week in which he strongly defended the policies of the Bush administration and attacked Obama for what he perceives as a weakening of America by the President’s willingness to “turn the other cheek“.

What utter nonsense. President Obama will be sending 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and has spoken repeatedly about the dangers imposed by al Qaeda and the Taliban. He has expressed his determination in fighting terrorism and protecting America through all means possible. What he has also said is that Guantanamo will be closed and that torture will not be used. That’s it. Nothing more. Obama’s plan is to fight a smart war.

So what was Cheney’ thoughts on the matter?

“When we get people who are more concerned about reading the rights to an Al Qaeda terrorist than they are with protecting the United States against people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can to kill Americans, then I worry.”

It is that kind of idiotic, nonsensical drivel which we’ve all been witness to for 8 long years which gets the hawks out there all heated and excited. To suggest that the president is less concerned about protecting the United States than he is of defending the rights of an alleged terrorist is a disgusting misleading lie. But here’s the thing…that sort of fear-mongering distortion of the truth works. Every wingnut out there who hears those words will have their basic fears reinforced by a lie and with that, the country gets pulled further apart.

We can’t silence the Cheneys out there but we can certainly fight them with truth and repudiate their lies at each and every opportunity.


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