‘Go On’ Season 1, Episode 3 – ‘There’s No “Ryan” in Team’ recap

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Go On opens with Ryan on his show talking about the beginning of football. It segues to him explaining his morning to the grief group. He can’t really deal with telling people bad news. All that to explain how he has yet to tell his gardener that Janie is dead. He actually snuck out his window trying to avoid Miguel (Alejandro Patino).

The group asks why he doesn’t just tell Miguel. Ryan explains that he hates the whole production of it, on top of which Miguel is of a people who don’t hold back the emotion and he’s uncomfortable with all that. Fausta (Tonita Castro) is seated next to him and she goes off on him, only to tell him she’s kidding. Laura (Laura Benanti) suggests that telling people could be part of his process. Mr. K (Brett Gelman) suggests he tell Miguel by pressing imaginary buttons on his face while making beeping noises. Mr. K is an odd, odd man.

Ryan explains that he wakes up every morning at 1:23 am. It was when Janie would hit him in the head. Every night. He used to wake up to brace himself, and now he can’t stop, but there’s no one to call at 1:23.

Ryan feels pretty good about the session. As they all walk out together, Ryan sees a bunch of his co-workers playing basketball. He immediately disavows the group and joins the game. The group is not pleased.

At work, Steven (John Cho) is worried because Ryan is sending him nonsensical emails at three in the morning. Ryan assures him he’s fine, but Steven knows that’s not true and offers in a truly inept fashion to be there for him. He invites him to dinner and freaks Ryan out when he holds his hand trying to offer comfort.

Ryan finally tells Miguel the truth when he asks where Janie wants a plant. Miguel tells him he’s sorry. Ryan is relieved to have it over.

Ryan wants to share his successful telling, but everyone has something to say, and it’s all the same. They are pissed that Ryan is ashamed of them. Fausta hits him upside the head. Apparently she gets one. Ryan says he isn’t ashamed, he just wants to compartmentalize everything and keep them in the room. They are not pleased.

Anne (Julie White) explains that they are there for each other outside the meetings and that they get together once a month. They’re bowling on Thursday. Ryan says he’ll pass since his Porsche is being delivered that day.

When Ryan gets home, Miguel is putting up a large Mary on the half shell. Ryan isn’t thrilled, but doesn’t really know how to tell him to stop so he goes for a ride in his new car. Steven asks him to meet him in a weird empty lot. He’s drinking and wants Ryan to drink with him, and then they’ll do weird empty lot things. He really has no idea how to comfort someone. Turns out he’s feeling a little jealous of the group, but he sends him off to be with them anyway.

Ryan shows up at the bowling alley, but they’re not ready to forgive him, not until he allows them to drive his car. It’s a frightening experience just watching it. You know who got a turn? George (Bill Cobbs), the blind man.

That night, Ryan wakes up at 1:23, but as he lies in bed, he hears a knock on the door. It’s the group. They wanted to be there for him. They’ve brought Laura who is groggy from a sleeping pill. All of sudden, mariachi music is heard and everyone heads out. Miguel has finished the fountain, and Ryan loves it. Steven shows up to be there for him. Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) points out that they were there on time.

Everyone hangs out, and it’s pretty wonderful until he wakes up in the morning and it turns out that everyone stayed. Then it’s a little weird, but Ryan could use a little weird in his life, and at least he knows that people are there for him.

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